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    Published: 2013-03-06, by .

    Terminal IDE is an expandable terminal app with a full Java, C, C++, HTML and Android SDK

    • No root required
    • Java, C, C++, HTML and Android SDK supported
    • Soft keyboard and external keyboard
    • An app for coders

    "A mobile terminal for codemonkeys"

    Terminal IDE is code editor that supports several languages: Java, C, C++, HTML and Android SDK. It comes with some auto-complete features and all the needed sources to code in those languages from your mobile device. It uses the command line with many powerful open-source apps: apkbuilder, ssh, sshd, busybox, midnight commander and many more.

    It comes with a custom ASCII on-screen soft keyboard as well as an extensive generic external hard keyboard key mapper. It's a nice terminal emulator in which you can log in via telnet and ssh and user your home screen and keyboard combo. No root permissions needed.

    Code-monkeys now can still coding on-the-go.

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    Mar 06, 2013


    Terminal IDE is an expandable terminal application, with a full Java / C / C++ / HTML / Android development kit, that runs on your Android device.

    It uses the command line, with many powerful and robust open-source applications, plus a custom ASCII on-screen 'soft' keyboard that works well (You must ENABLE it in your device's main Keyboard Settings).. and also has an extensive generic external 'hard' keyboard key mapper. This way CTRL / ALT / ESC etc.. should all be accessible.

    GCC 4.4.0, make 3.82, ctags, javac, java, dx, proguard, aapt, apkbuilder, signer, ssh, sshd, telnetd, bash 4.2, busybox 1.19.2, vim 7.3, nano 2.2.6, midnight commander 4.8, htop 1.0, TMUX 1.5, links 2.7, rsync 3.0.8, git 1.7.8, BitchX 1.1 and a nice terminal emulator are all available.

    The vim editor has been setup with c / java / HTML development in mind and is extremely powerful. Also vim has been setup by default in a humane way (arrow keys work, backspace..), so that starting on this long and glorious journey won't begin with a punch in the face.

    With the addition of all the other apps provided, Terminal IDE becomes much MUCH more than an extremely powerful IDE. One could call it a complete 'Command Line OS'.

    Best of all you can log in via telnet / ssh and use your home keyboard/screen combo!

    AND the whole app runs WITHOUT needing ROOT permissions.

    It's all available with normal user permissions..

    Also the project is released under GPLv2


    Constructive criticism always welcome. Useless abuse, not so much.


    NB: This app CANNOT be installed onto the SDCard because you do not get 'Execute' permissions on that mount. It must run in this app's private memory on the device [Also much more secure]. You can of course still read / write to the SDCard and store your files / projects there. ALSO - once extracted it takes up about 150MB of your INTERNAL memory. You have been warned..

    NB2: 'ENTER NOT WORKING' confusion on Terminal IDE keyboard.. Android expects a different key-code than the terminal(which expects ^M).
    - Use CTRL+ENTER to send Android ENTER at any time.
    - GO,NEXT,SEND & SEARCH all work when they appear as icons.

    NB3: The Help/Tutorials, available in the app, can now be downloaded separately as a PDF from the Google code project. Thanx to Roy.

    NB4: This app is ARM only.. No x86 support. Sorry - and yes, it's a big job to convert..

    NB5: No UTF-8 support yet.. Just ASCII.


    Thank you.

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