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    TetherJelly is NOT your tethering silver bullet. Tethering could break or stop working due to a variety of reasons including your carrier. TetherJelly aims to alleviate ONE of the many possible issues. If there was a silver bullet for diagnosing and resolving networking issues, IT Admins would be out of jobs.

    PLEASE, if your carrier is blocking tethering don't leave ME with a one star rating. If I could force all carriers to be fair, I would, but I can't. Don't blame me for what your carrier broke or blocked.

    Please note that in order to use TetherJelly you NEED ROOT ACCESS.

    * Having problems using the WiFi AP feature on your Jellybean device?
    * Are you "connected" but not really connected?

    TetherJelly attempts to fix the WiFi tethering on some Jellybean devices. The indication of the problem is that you're connected to the WiFi AP on the host device, but the guest device is unable to access the internet despite having a seemingly valid IP address.

    The problem is that on some devices, the routing doesn't get properly set up so while you're physically connected, your packets do not get routed through the 'live' connection. It is effectively the same as being connected to a router that isn't connected to the internet: You have a strong connection and you can communicate with the router, but you can't communicate with anything external to it.

    TetherJelly fixes this issue by determining your mobile (3G/4G/LTE) connection and submitting the appropriate command to the 'iptables' service on your phone to route the packets from the guest device through the mobile connection.

    As mentioned above, TetherJelly requires root (privileged) access to your device to be able to communicate with the iptables service.

    The routing changes do not persist over reboots so if you power cycle or reboot your device you have to run TetherJelly again.

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