Text Thrower




    [General-purpose Text Linkage Application]

    In order to input what was thought of, when looking for an application, don't you think that it is troublesome?

    This application inputs first, can choose the target application from suitable choices, and can cooperate the inputted text.

    The widgets are also available.
    You can attach voice input capabilities to different apps.
    Once you have installed the app frequently used as a widget,
    You can enter from one voice to start when you like.

    For example...
    - Browser (net search)
    - E-mail
    - Youtube
    - Contact
    - Music
    - Play store
    - Amazon
    - Others

    - E-mail creation
    - Twitter
    - Schedule registration
    - Bar code generation
    - Others

    About the operation after passing the inputted text to other applications, since it becomes a function of the application of the passed point, depending on an application, it may not move well.

    ->Since the speech recognition function of Android needs network connection, it is checking within the application.
    * This application does not exchange information uniquely through a direct network.

    if there are fault, a question, a request, etc. -- up to twitter account [@nextloopersjp]

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