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    This Applications obtain only texts from Web site and its linked pages, to show as a digest.

    The usage is rather simple.

    1. Use the browser to visit a web site you want to get text, like news site.

    2. Select 'Share page' from menu of the browser, then choose 'TextDigestWeb'.

    3. Screen to entry URL will appear.

    4. check if you want to obtain linked pages in the same web site.

    5. check if you want to fetch texts everyday at scheduled time.

    6. tap 'Entry and back' to register the setting, then go back to the browser.

    The application starts obtaining data at background, later you can take a look.

    Fetched page(s) will be stored in a simple text box. Each page is divided by '==='.

    After entering entries, swipe to move pages back and forth.


    1. reduce data size to fetch, since it only fetches texts
    2. view linked pages in a page
    3. omit waiting time to fetch data by scheduling


    1. cannot see images
    2. may not useful at all, when the pages are created dynamically
    3. may see redundant descriptions, when linked pages are fetched. Since every page may have similar header or footer
    4. some sites may work and some are not. Depends on how these pages are created


    This application can get a text from other applications using 'share page'. If the text is other than URL, the text will be 'clipped'.

    When the site detects that the browser is for mobile, they tend to transfer to mobile site where they have configured for mobile device, which is usually not good for text only viewer. If that is the case, replace URL. Such as 'mobile' or 'm' to 'www' (depends on the site) to the same URL when you are browsing the site with PC.

    The entry page of major web site sometimes has more than 100 linked pages. It will fetch a lot of pages you are not interested in. So before entry the URL, it is recommended to check these links on with the browser.

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