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    ~**-The Deeper Sleeper (Exclusive)**-~
    (NOT even close to the same as Hitting the Power!)

    The App That Literally Gives You BACK Those Hours Of Lost Battery Life!!

    This app is very simple, yet should have an extremely significant role in your daily Android phone use! When your Android phone's screen turns off automatically (or when you press the power button), Android goes into what is called "sleep mode".

    *USE* Deep Sleep Mode- 2X BATTERY LIFE SAVING
    With this App, You Can Tell Your Android To Go Into A Deep Sleep Mode. This will allow for android to use less resources while your phone is off, as well as (after our optimization) allows your phone to intelligently decide what should be kept, and what shouldn't! This means that now even during sleep mode, your phone gets rid of everything unnecessary, and only uses the minimum! This doesn't affect your texts, or incoming/outgoing data in any way and you won't miss anything. This Mode Takes Place When The Phone Sleeps Automatically Or By Power Button. This mode doesn't require root. (2x more battery during sleep)

    (Deeper Sleep Mode) - 3X BATTERY LIFE SAVING
    Once this mode is selected, the Deeper Sleeper Exclusive App will go ahead and optimize your phone even yet a little bit further for sleeping time. Once the optimizations are set,(should take less than a second) this app will go ahead and change your phone's sleeping mode to an even deeper (and 2nd deepest) sleeping mode. Just as deep sleep mode, this takes it even further by allowing Android to intelligently decide the very bare minimum apps/resources necessary to run while your phone is sleeping. This mode doesn't require root. (3x more battery during sleep)

    (Extreme Deep Sleep Mode) - 5X-10X BATTERY LIFE SAVING
    The ULTIMATE in Android Sleeping! This function will apply the sleeping mode settings you have chosen (regular, deep, or deeper) and put your phone into Extreme Deep Sleep Immediately! This is NOT the same as pressing power! This function will manually unload your entire Android operating system off of the battery temporarily - giving your phone literally almost nothing is has to run during sleeping. (The amount of extreme deep sleep is also affected by the mode you have chosen! ie, hitting extreme deep sleep while "deep sleep" is checked will save a little less than hitting extreme sleep while "deeper sleep" is checked.) We have shown still getting every text, and mostly every phone call during extreme deep sleep.This mode, unfortunately, only works for rooted phones as it requires extra permissions. REMEMBER - You WILL have to press power on your phone TWICE to get your phone's screen back on! This only shows how truly DEEP this sleeping mode really is!

    The Deeper Sleeper Exclusive isn't made to have tons of options and features, it was made to get the absolute most powerful sleep and be able to do it with the utmost of ease! Simply open the app (it remembers which mode you like) and tap the big blue eye to put it into extreme deep sleep immediately!

    Plug your phone in and tap the extreme deep sleep eye and see how Extremely Fast you phone Charges!

    In a hurry and need to go somewhere for a while but your battery is dead? Use this app after plugging in to get your full charge back in minutes!

    Or if you don't have time for a charger or can't find it, simply press the eye and have peace of mind because you know that your phone is LOSING CHARGE 10x SLOWER!

    Everyone on this team uses this app every single day, and the amount of battery hours saved are countless!

    Check out our other apps (Super Internet Booster ++, AnDroid All In One, and Battery Super Charger) to get the absolute MOST out of EVERY aspect of your Droid, NOT just some of them! Remember, if you like this app, please please rate us 5 stars and leave us a nice little comment telling us what you like and why! If you have suggestions, don't hesitate to tell us too please! Thanks!

    Simple, elegant, powerful! ~ It's Just That Easy ;)
    AnDroid Team X

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