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    A useful timer for yachters and others, as a sail regatta start timer, to stay awake, as a general kitchen timer, and as a parking timer. The only countdown timer you need

    One of the most advanced Race Start Timers there is

    Particularly suited for sailors, boaters and yachters

    Two new unique features: The GPS View, and the Race Counter Mode

    Audible Alarm now available in this free version!

    For Racers, the new GPS View provides the following features:

    - Mark the Start Line
    - See the Boat and the Line on a GPS View
    - See the Boats Speed and Course Over Ground
    - See the Distance to the line
    - See the TTG (Time To Go – to the Start Line) (*)
    - Display the GPS Track History

    Please note that GPS performance and accuracy depends on your phone's hardware ONLY

    Even if this is meant to be a trial version of The Final Countdown - with a few functions of the full version being left out - it can be very useful on its own. It can be used for an unlimited period of time

    As a regatta/race start-timer, it will enable you to cross the line at the right moment. You will also get a beep when there is exactly one minute to go

    As a stay-awake-timer, it alerts the user when the preset period has expired. The alarm stays on until reset, and then the timer automatically starts all over again. Only one click - or one shake - required. Helps you to avoid falling asleep

    As a pantry/kitchen timer, use it to time cooking of eggs and other dishes

    As a car parking timer, use it to get an alarm before the parking time expires. No more parking tickets!

    A Shake function enables you to reset an alarm - or restart the counter - simply by shaking the phone

    Indispensable for yachtsmen, cooking, car owners, pupils and students (never to fall asleep in class again)

    In the lastest version a special and brand new Counter Mode has been introduced; The Race Mode. It is also included in this Free version. Even if it is very easy to use, this is an advanced Start-timer function for Regatta Sailors and other Racers, requested and specified by experienced Regatta Sailors

    Here is a brief example of how to use of new Race Counter Mode:

    In a Race, different classes of competitors are normally started at fixed, predetermined intervals - for instance one Class/Group every 5 minutes. Various signals are generated/shown at the start Time of each Class of yachts, and visual signals (often different signal flags) indicate what Class shall go at the next Start. The Start signal for one Class is the 5 minute pre-signal for another. Once you have started The Final Countdown (in Race Mode) at one of these signals, you have Synchronized your start-timer. Then you can choose to start at the next Start signal, or wait another Interval. Whatever you select, the clock synchronization will be kept. When you finally start, this App turns into a simple (upcounting) StopWatch, still being in synch with the Start Time. There is also another Synchronization function, which may be used to synchronize the timer with the Regatta Committees Chronometer

    The "old" Counter Mode is now called the Classic Mode

    Originally developed for Regatta Sailors, the Race Mode Start Timer may also be used in other sports, for different types of Races

    This free trial version of The Final Countdown has most of the functions of the full version, EXCEPT the following:

    - A beep on each of the final ten seconds before a regatta/race start
    - A Synchronization function, which can be used to synchronize the countdown timer to the regatta committee's chronometer
    - Selection of your own audible alarm tone/signal
    - Displaying the GPS Track History
    -(*) Calculation of TTG (Time To Go – to the Start Line), based on Distance to - and VMG towards - the line

    If you have any problems, please send us an email. Let us try to help you before you post a bad rating. Some bad ratings seem to be caused by simple misunderstandings

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