Time Reminder Voice Assistant

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    Time Reminder Voice Assistant is an useful application,acts as an Mobile Secretary, it will tell the time according to the intervals you set on the app for every 30 and 60 minutes. If you are driving a car or an automobile, you will definitely want to know the time either through Bluetooth or through device. This Time Reminder App does the job for you. In short time reminder is a talking clock that reminds your time according to what you set inside the

    This can be called as Time Speaking Alarm.

    Note: If you are going to a library or a meeting, switch off the app which can done in Intervals menu at the bottom right, because you do not want to get disturbed on those times.

    This app will be ideal for travelers, very useful for someone who is rushing for an appointment, could not even have the time to check the time, this app will automatically remind the time when they are traveling on a vehicle.

    Who will be benefited by Time Reminder Voice Assistant
    1. Journalist and Travellers need to keep up their time at various moments on various places.
    2. Business men who wanted to keep up their appointment, this app acts as a Time Alarm alerts promptly every 30 or 60 mins as per the settings.
    3. All Bluetooth users.
    4. Health Professionals who wanted to keep up their daily schedules on time.
    5. All Lovers who value the other partner's time.

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