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    ALL NEW! Timed Silent 4.0 now can silence your phone for any event on any Calendar synced to your device if you simply add "(Silent)" to the title or description - the app will take care of the rest! Even works for all recurring events. Much improved gui.

    You can still set the same manual silence timer and clock as the original Timed Silent!

    Just like the previous version, Timed Silent 4.0 is a phone silencer which can set the ringer to vibrate mode either for a specified period, in 15 minute increments (maximum 8 hours), OR until a certain time, such as 3:21 PM. Never be embarrassed with your phone ringing during an important meeting or at a theater watching a movie. AND never again will you miss a call, text, or email because you forgot to turn your phone's ringer back on!

    NEW User Interface! Timed Silent 4.0 now offers easy to use quick-tap buttons to silence the phone or un-silence the phone at any time. Switch between all phone silencing functions with a one finger swipe or tap. Ever forget how long you set your phone to silence? Now you can easily see when your phone is scheduled to un-silence on every page of the Timed Silent 4.0 app. You can easily un-silence immediately by touching the volume up button on your device.

    The Calendar Sync feature detects the events your phone needs to be silenced for. This app will work with the Calendar service of any account you have synced on your device. Use Timed Silent 4.0 on all your phones and your Calendar event will be silenced on each one. To silence a Calendar meeting automatically, the event should be saved at least a minute or two in advance depending upon network activity. For immediate silencing, use the app's manual settings. This feature has been tested on Android 4.0 and should function on all future versions of Android.

    An additional feature has been added to allow users to remove the advertisements shown at the bottom of the App. For a small In-App payment of $0.99 (US), all ads will be removed and you will get any future App upgrades (more coming... see below!) for free.

    Future Planned Updates:
    1) Ability to add/delete Calendar silence events and meetings easily within the App.
    2) View a listing of all events on your Calendar and easily silence or un-silence each event with a simple checkbox.
    3) Set a specified amount of time (up to 15 minutes) before or after each meeting starts and ends to silence your phone.

    Change Log:
    Version 1.1.1 = Minor fix for security of IAB.
    Version 1.1.0 - Bug fixes for new Calendar APIs in latest Android Jelly Bean and above,
    improved Tab menu icon size for hdpi and xhdpi screens.
    Version 1.0.6 - Removed pop-up message for onReceive error common on Samsung Galaxy phones
    Version 1.0.4 - Minor bug fixes and UI improvements. Added Re-Sync button for Calendar View
    Version 1.0.3 - One UI tweak and one performance change to prevent crashes.
    Version 1.0.2 - Minor update

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