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    A beautiful, simple timer application designed to be the best timer app on Android.

    Utilizes Spin Wheel very similar to the Iphone!
    Set the time by spinning the wheel timer

    In the app, you'll have the option of choosing how long you want your timer to last.

    Included in Simple Timer are many options and preferences, including but not limited to:
    - In-app brightness changing
    - Sound notification enable / disable
    - Custom sounds
    - LED notification
    - LED color customization
    - LED blink rate customization
    - Vibration enable / disable
    - Vibration pattern customization

    This app has many many uses, including but not limited to:
    - Bed timer
    - Show timer
    - Class timer
    - Meeting timer
    - Shower timer
    - Racing timer
    - Sports timer
    - Parking timer
    - Kitchen timer
    - Cooking timer

    This app is a great productivity tool and will help tons of different people across all demographics. This app is designed to have a very simple, easy-to-use UI. The user interface of this app is beautiful and clean, and shows off what a best-in-class Android app can be.

    This app can be used in a variety of circumstances, including a timer for a gamer who needs to set limits, a time-out timer for parents punishing their kids, a bed timer to ensure that you don't sleep more than an allotted amount of hours, a class timer to ensure that the teacher doesn't go beyond the allotted time for their lecture.

    This app can also be used to ensure that meetings don't go too long, or to ensure that a shower doesn't go past a certain amount of time to conserve water. You can also use this when watering your lawn to ensure that you don't use too much water. Because of this, we consider this app to be potentially beneficial to the environment!

    Use this app to see how far you can run in a certain amount of time - a twist on traditional running timers where you measure how fast you can run a certain distance. Use this timer when you park at a place that has timed parking so you don't end up giving them your whole paycheck in a short amount of timer.

    As always, this timer can be used in the kitchen for cooking a variety of interesting dishes. If you house is large and you're not close enough to the oven to hear it go off, this app can be an invaluable tool of epic proportions. This app can help you cook a variety of dishes, including toasted sandwiches, soups, tea, coffee, boiled eggs, pizza, cake, cookies, and more. The possibilities for this timer app are endless.

    If you haven't found a use for this app yet, then we've got more for you. Use this app to time your drive, by plugging in the amount of time on this part of your Google Maps journey. If you go over time by more than a few percentage points, then you should probably make sure you didn't take a wrong turn or miss your turn! What an invaluable tool this timer app can be.

    Finally, this app is designed from the ground up to be the most easy to get into and easy to get out of app. Become the master of time and space with the timer app by Seven Leaf Apps. This timer can double as an egg timer, a kitchen timer, a racing timer, a cooking timer, a reverse stopwatch (or as some say, stop watch) and much much more.

    This app has been tested and approved by the developers at Seven Leaf. We've put a lot of hard work into this beautifully designed, simple and efficient timer app. Don't be put off by the fact that we're not yet on the top of the lists. This app is a diamond in the rough, and could not be a better timer app. You'll love every bit of this timer app with its simple, yet beautiful design by Seven Leaf.

    As seasons change, so does the need for a timer. As the Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays approach, you'll likely need to keep track of some sort of time, especially while cooking Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas dessert. Don't make a mistake while preparing eggs, studying, or cooking turkey. Use Simple Timer by Seven Leaf, the best possible timer app on the Android Market. 100% great.

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