Timer is a general purpose countdown timer. It allows you to multi-task by monitoring an activity for you, freeing you to perform other tasks in the meantime. Timer is easy to use, intuitive, and ad-free. Try it today!


    1. The large buttons and text make Timer easy to use.

    2. The custom time picker allows you to quickly set the countdown timer. Tap the time values to use the keyboard. Single tap the increment and decrement buttons to make small adjustments. Hold down the increment and decrement buttons to make fast, repeated adjustments.

    3. Timer runs in the background when your phone enters standby mode.

    4. Timer vibrates your phone and plays a loud alarm bell sound to alert you when the countdown has expired.

    5. Timer tells you how much time has elapsed since the countdown expired. This can be helpful if you are unable to respond to the alarm bell right away.

    6. Timer is ad-free!

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