TimeSheet v1.0 Adds HRs:MINs!

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    This is a handy little app for adding times together in hr:min format - this can be quite time-consuming to do manually or with a standard calculator.

    Brilliant for adding times on standard timesheets.

    The app couldn't really be easier to use. Simply enter the number of hours in the "Enter hours" box, and then the number of minutes in the "Enter minutes" box. Then click the ADD button.

    The app reflects your input in the column to the right under Hrs:Mins, which is in effect a paperless tape showing the history of the time quantities you want to add. This column will show a fixed number of times (depending on the size of your screen). If and when the column is filled a scrollbar appears to let you view the times that have scrolled off the screen.

    Under the ADD button, the sum of the times you have added is shown as "Total Hrs" and "Total Minutes".

    Tapping the RESET button clears all the data from the screen and lets you start again.

    Pressing the info button on the bottom of the screen takes you to this information.

    That's about it really, a handy little timesaver!

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