NEW APP - TIMI 2

    For technical reasons, the evolution of Timi was released as a new app: Timi 2
    Timi 2 can be found here: Timi 2 on Google Play Store

    You can export your current Timis and import them in Timi2.

    Timi is a new concept of timer. With Timi you can create complex timers, built by another type of smaller timers known as Fragtimis.

    There are three kind of Fragtimis:

    * Timer: it's a simple amount of time. For example, the duration of a football match.
    * Countdown: it's like a Timer, but in this case you can choose a sound to play just before the end of the time. For example, the referee whistle at the begining of match.
    *Alarm: like a Timer or a Countdown Fragtimi, Alarm needs an amount of time and a sound. Sound will be played while the Fragtimi is running.

    A Timi can combine all Fragtimis you want. When a Fragtimi ends the next one starts, until the last of them. You can choose if you want to restart automatically your Timi or not when the last Fragtimi ends.

    Timi has also the next settings:

    * Screen Always On: you can choose if the screen is always ON while a Timi is running or if it can be turned off to save battery. The Countdown/ Alarm sounds will be played anyway!

    * Vibration: you can make vibrate your device while a sound is playing.

    We hope you enjoy Timi, and if you find something you'd like to add or change you're welcome to send us your suggestions to improve Timi in next versions!

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