Toggle Bluetooth




    Use this simple application to quickly toggle your Bluetooth on/off (from on to off and back again). It is particularly useful for those android phones with no quick settings bar on the notifications pull down, such as some HTC devices.

    Put the widget on your home screen and tap it to toggle your Bluetooth setting. The widget indicates the current Bluetooth setting by the colour of the Bluetooth icon as follows:
    - Green: Bluetooth is on
    - Red: Bluetooth is off

    Note that the widget colour also updates if the Bluetooth setting is changed by some other means (such as from the system settings), unlike some of the other toggle widgets available, so you always know the Bluetooth status state from the widget colour.

    Alternatively, use the app to toggle your Bluetooth setting, by selecting the checkbox in the app. When using the app, an on screen message will be displayed informing you of whether you have turned Bluetooth on or off.

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