You’re a multi-tasker, right? The kind of person that walks around, trying to stay connected by sending that one last email, responding to texts or updating the "checked-in" social media world on your whereabouts?

    Automate your life and quit looking down into your phone with this app. ToothTag allows you to "tag" nearby Bluetooth & WiFi devices, then setup rules that script into real world automatic actions from your smartphone. Those of you with phones supporting NFC readers like the Nexus S can even "tap" on smart Near Field tags and have your phone execute actions that you can configure!

    With ToothTag you can set up actions such as play a favorite song as you walk by your friend sitting within a coffee shop. Or, for city dwellers and memory challenged, you can drop a pin on a map where you park your Bluetooth equipped car.

    Are you a fan of foursquare? ToothTag can automatically check you in to your favorite location just from noticing its WiFi signal - you do not even need to connect to the access point to do so. If you use Google Voice and have spotty cellular service, you can set up Google Voice to forward calls to another line to eliminate dropped calls and save precious minutes on your cellular bill, all automatically. We use it to automatically direct our calls away from our mobile phone and to our laptop when we travel the world, avoiding costly roaming charges!

    Need that proverbial electric dog collar for the wandering child or "the ex" that always seems to be right around the corner? With ToothTag, you make your own rules… As your smartphone sees other wireless devices like mobile phones or hot spots come into our out of range, you can trigger alerts or actions; often without the requirement for pairing your phone to another device. For instance; If your child wanders beyond your view, you can set up your phone to vibrate. If that ex-significant other is within visual contact, you can set up a different type of alert, like playing the song Run for the Hills. Clever, eh?!

    ToothTag runs upon the NeuAer Proximity Platform and is a showcase application to inspire other developers to create software that runs on the service. With our open platform, YOU can write web applications within the ToothTag framework. Just head to our site to begin building your own actions for email, Twitter, or even home automation. The sky is the limit!

    So what are you waiting for? Download this and start automating your life based upon where you go with your smartphone! Once you install it, please use the Share button on the preferences menu from the home screen to tell all of your friends about ToothTag.

    If you have support issues, please view our webpage & let us know. We cannot reply to comments written in the Android marketplace and want to help you as best that we can!

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