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    Tornado Gingerbread Kernel Control is made to make it easier to change settings in the Tornado Ginger kernel v2.3.

    GameMode is a special setting that only work in real time.
    This mode let you choose what frequency the CPU shall not go under.
    This is great for games. It make them smoother and reduce lag.
    You can choose up to 1440MHz

    Low memory killing is a setting that let you choose when background program shall unload from memory.
    This give you an option to choose if you want many program in memory so they start faster if you use the program often or to make more memory for the program you running the front. This is often good for very demanding game or program.

    Touchscreen Sensitivity is a great option to make the touchscreen respond better when you touch the screen. When you start using the high settings you never want default setting.

    Stagefright is a setting that can make the GUI a bit faster and smoother.
    But it can break some media files so they dont work.

    Overclocking is supported up to 1440MHz.
    You can also choose to underclock it to 800MHz to save battery.
    Use only frequency over 1000MHz if your phone can handle it.

    Under volting is a great way to save battery. You have many level you can choose to get the best setting your phone work with.

    You have also four power options to make it more easy.
    Reboot the phone.
    Reboot to recovery mode.
    Reboot to download mode.
    Power off the phone.

    To use this program you must use Tornado Ginger Kernel v2.3 if you want to save the settings.
    Some settings will not work on other gingerbread kernel and you must start the program every time you restart the phone to use the settings again.

    Look at the website for more information.

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