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    There are so many torrent on market, you should not miss them! Do you what to download free music songs, movie torrent, various pictures? You must search the internet on computer, and find the torrent websites like Fenoty, The Pirate Bay, isoHunt and so on and then find the torrent you what to download to has the torrent file. After that, you should use another app to download to make it available! It takes you too much steps and may waste you some important time. Now you can do all things with only one step!
    Sundry Torrent Downloading Pro is a free app used on android mobile phone to download and enjoy all kinds of torrent on internet. You can load the Fenoty, The Pirate Bay, IsoHunt websites directly and input a key words to search the torrent on these sites. You need not press the download button on the origin page but also with the button on this app. It can take you only seconds. After download the torrent file. You can use it to find the file on your SD card and re-download the available file. During your downloading, you can exit the downloading page and enter another page on your mobile phone and even search and download another torrent on sites. How great! It also has many other great functions, let;s look at in detail!
    Features and using methods:
    1.A list of all torrent file you download from internet on your SD card.
    2.Find one and press it. It will ask you download it or not.
    3.Enter a downloading page, you can all information of the torrent, including the includes file, file formats, file, size, and son on.
    4.There are three buttons on the downloading page. You can use them to back the list, stop downloading and see the logs.
    5.The logs can tell you which step the downloading has entered. And it will change with the downloading.
    6.Support back to other page with the downloading going.
    7.Press the download button on the opening page, you can enter the file you are downloading.
    8.SEARCH button:
    8.1 Enter the search page, you can search all torrent with this page.
    8.2 Three websites supported you here. They are Fenoty, The Pirate Bay and IsoHunt .
    8.3 Choose a site and input the torrent you want to search, you can get a list related to the key words.
    8.4 The list include the torrent file category, leecher, verified and so on. Choose one you can enter the download page on this website.
    8.5 There are four button on the site page. You can use back to the previous page, home button to the search page. Use "down" to download the torrent instead of the download button on the page.
    8.6 If you do not know how to download, you can press "supply" button. You can get a answer and please offer us 5 stars if you think it is good enough.
    9. If you think this app can really help you, please give us 5 stars or share with friends and if you have any questions you can tell us in "Supply" button.

    This free app can really help you to enjoy torrents. Just one app, can you download the torrent easily. What are you waiting. With it to make life more easier!

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