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    Total Screen Control is an application for setting the Brightness Level, Screen Filter, ScreenOn Lock and Rotation Lock preferences individually for any application installed on your phone.
    Allows you to apply a filter that dims the brightness below minimum value so your eyes don't hurt during night viewing. Very useful in low light conditions especially on AMOLED screens where even the lowest brightness value is still bright. Also can save a lot of battery combined with ScreenOn Lock based on phone orientation!

    More features:
    - Screen Filter/Privacy with schedule and brightness slider for fine control !
    - Dynamic Screen Filter based on phone's light sensor! Forget about classic auto-brightness switch to Dynamic Screen Filter!
    - Screen Filter Bar for easy and cool control of Filter dim
    - ScreenOn Lock based on phone orientation! Keeps the screen on as long as you use your phone! SAVE BATTERY also!
    - Tasker/Locale plugins
    - ScreenOn Lock, Brightness level and Rotation Lock individually for any app
    - Option to disable softkey backlight (not working on all phones)
    - Notification icon on Status bar with all needed information
    - Up to 5 configurable Screen Filter Presets
    - 3 Widgets for easy access
    - Configurable preferences, alerts
    - Start at boot

    Does your eyes hurt you when reading or playing before bedtime ? Enable the Screen Filter
    Tired to get the screen off while reading your eBook, browsing on Web or playing? Setup the ScreenOn Lock
    Want to set the brightness or rotation individually? Configure them with Total Screen Control
    For all these this application is for you!

    Keywords: screen filter, brightness, lock, filter, dim, light, sensor, orientation.

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