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    Using the Touch Elevation app, you are able to tap any point on the map and the elevation of that point will be displayed.

    To use it remotely, enter the name or coordinates of the destination into the white edit box at the top, and then tap the blue Enter a Start Locale button.

    To begin at your current location instead, either tap the next button below, Zoom to True GPS, or else tap the picture.

    Touch Elevation can also log a real or simulated journey and calculate distance, average speed and elevation changes. This can be used remotely based on a map, or else using the phone GPS system to track actual location.

    On the main Map Page, you have two alternate ways to start. Map is used to remotely survey a route. You must then tag each corner by centering the map over that point and then clicking the Tag button.

    By clicking the GPS Start button instead of the previously described Map, the app will begin plotting your changing location. When you are ready to stop either method, then click End and then Log. This opens a record of that trek.

    The app includes several other useful tools. The Compass icon leads to a screen where you can query your current elevation, or also see a true north compass and digital level. There also is a Flashlight option which displays a solid white screen.

    The Mountain icon leads to an elevation survey feature which draws an elevation grid over a chosen area. This feature has its own instructions. Building this grid takes one or two minutes and you may have to slide the screen to make the readings appear.

    The Tower icon leads to a tool to estimate the height of a building or tower.

    If the app is being used remotely to survey a map location, the Location setting on your phone can be set to Wireless, which is easier on battery life. However before the real GPS tracking will function, the Location setting must be set to Use GPS Satellites.

    It may take a couple of minutes till the satellite connection is established properly and you must wait. You can check whether it has a satisfactory signal by starting Google Maps first, and checking that your location appears on the screen as a blue triangle.)

    The Use GPS Satellite Location setting is a battery hog and should be turned off after you are finished using the app, unless you choose to leave it on for other apps. Turning your phone off and back on after you finish using the app ensures that everything is cleared and the processes are stopped.

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