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    This is not another file manager for android.
    Touch File Manager is a special three panel view, drag & drop file manager and very different from known file managers, because it contains lots of innovation.
    The smallest supported screen size is 800x480 ( Galaxy S2 ), but it is optimized for large touch screen devices ( tablets ).

    Touch File Manager is the fastest way for managing your media files stored on SD card and PC.
    Several times faster for moving and sorting photos in directories than other apps including PC apps.

    ! No copy and move limit !
    Can copy and move selected files and folders to all supported remote storage from all supported remote storage, and can do it between different accounts.
    Supported remote storages: Dropbox, Windows sharing, Picasa, File Server, FTP.
    Resume partially downloaded and uploaded files if the server supports it.   
    Parallel and queued file transfer modes.
    The options dialog automatically shows these options if it is necessary.


    The left and right panels only shows folders, and the middle panel only shows files which are selected by the right or left panel.
    Can copy and move selected files and folders to the shown folder in the left or right panel as shown in video.
    Copy and move files and folders to itself are not allowed and in this case the target is not selectable.
    The android back button go back from full screen mode, and go back to previous opened folder.

    Touch screen usage on files:
    Click select and deselect files, the touch-move starts the drag. Long click opens the file.
    Move left zoom out and move right zoom in the thumbnail view.

    Touch screen usage on folders:
    The click opens the folder, the move starts drag and the long click starts the selected file mode.

    Some innovation example:
    1. Operating mode selections: Move & Sort Mode, Copy Mode, Rename Mode, Batch Rename Mode, Delete Mode
    2. Three panel view which requires less space and gives easier navigation than traditional two panel file managers.
    3. Programmable home buttons in left and right panel by long press.
    4. Batch file rename function.
    5. Automatic file renaming according to sorting order.

    Use Batch Rename, or Delete mode for browsing and searching files to avoid random file moving or sorting by move!
    Not all file type are shown by default and all file operation (folder delete, folder copy, auto rename) works only with the shown files.
    Shows all mounted media (internal - external SD card, pendrive, etc.).
    Folders are sorted by name but media directories are placed at the beginning of the list.
    All file operation running in background and it not slow down the Touch File Manager.
    Can hide and show background progress list.
    Progress bar is not shown when files are moved inside remote File Server and Dropbox.
    Can connect to File Server of Touch File Manager for remote file management which running on all java supported systems.
    The thumbnail view and auto renaming much more faster with File Server than other file sharing, because the File Server makes the thumbnails and file operations, so it requires less network traffic.

    This is a new project and it will get lots of updates in the near future with nicer icons, more functions and innovations including file synchronization.

    Ad-supported free version.
    Ad-free version available on Samsung Apps, but updates are slower.

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