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    Track Lost Phone & Get Backup

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    SMS Format --------

    a. Get Backup on Phone Lost - Send SMS - "Backup"
    b. Remotely Hide your App - Send SMS "Hide"
    c. Remotely wipe your data - Send SMS "Delete" (From stored Mobile No.)
    d. Get the Location remotely - Send SMS "GPS" to your no. & you will get reply on stored Mobile No. with Link of GPS, which can be open in any browser.


    Lost your Phone... Your back up is lost...

    This is First & Only SINGLE app in the market, where you can get the LATEST back up on Email of your Lost phone by simple SMS or when SIM is changed. Also you can Track your phone.

    NOTE: Already lost your phone ? Try our "Plan B for Backup" -

    Application Features
    - Find phone by making it ring/vibrate
    ~ Find phone using GPS location
    ~ Get LATEST Backup of contacts, call log, SMS on Email, - on SMS
    ~ Get LATEST Backup of contacts, call log, SMS on Email - on SIM change
    ~ Get LATEST Backup of contacts, call log, SMS on Email - When phone is using without SIM
    ~ Get Notification of changed SIM card in 4 different phone number
    ~ Get all contact no. of changed SIM
    ~ Remotely Hide your App
    ~ Remotely wipe SD card
    ~ No battery drain
    ~ Set your Email id
    ~ Password protection to prevent unauthorized app changes
    ~ NO online Registration, Secure your mobile data
    ~ Take Backup of SMS, Call Log, Contacts, Settings to your SD Card.
    ~ Restore Backup of SMS, Call Log, Contacts, Settings from SD card.

    Purpose of this app-
    When i lost phone, i restore the contacts, call logs, SMS from old backup,which i took few weeks back. Or i have to use any online service for maintaining the backup. But that might also be old data. This app is developed to get LATEST backup along with the Stolen person's all contact details.

    Detail Description:-
    ~On SIM change - it silently creates new backup & send email. In case your phone is not internet connected, it creates & stores the backup. And whenever your phone is Internet connected it will send backup along with Sim details.
    So even the Stolen person changes the sim or use your smartphone without sim, you get the latest backup(easily readable) on your email.

    - User can save keywords in his application, and in case of mobile lost or misplaced he/she can send the keyword through sms and the phone will ring, even if it is in silent mode.

    - Remotely get the GPS location of your phone. If the GPS is Off, App itself turn on the GPS and Sends the Location to You. (In some version, it might not auto start the GPS)

    - The name of the App is "Backup PL" so that Other People can not guess what the App does. (PL means Phone Lost)

    - You Can also Hide this app. To unhide, simple dial - #12345

    Is a very simple to use app, it does not require a user to log into any web interface or go through complicated control processes before allowing the user to erase the data. Also your mobile data is secured & private.

    Please share your valuable feedback on our Email id. We can't help if you rate us.

    ALERT: We are sending emails from our email ids, which is placed in the app. So we are also getting your location & backup in our system. WE ASSURE YOUR DATA IS SECURE & NOT TO BE SHARED TO ANYONE.
    In case you don't receive email, email us, so that we can check our system & send you location & backup. WE ALSO DELETE THE DATA REGULARLY.

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