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    Update V1.07: 25/4/11

    Activate Code GetSIM was removed by an new improved, more reliable feature: Automatic SIM Checker! Initialize a mobile phone number of your partner, friend or family in options and when your SIM card has changed, you will be automatically notified with the new number!

    Old Users: you will have an error when you use the new apk file. Click yes, enter your password, go to options and select Restore!!!


    Update V1.06: 13/4/11

    Now never, ever lose your android smartphone again.
    With the new activate code: "GetSIM", You will receive the new number of your thief and more if the thief has thrown your own SIM card away!

    ‘Tracked!’ is a new innovative program with several tracking methods to retrieve your stolen or lost android device. It can intercept all incoming messages. If the incoming message is equal to the code that you input, than ‘Tracked!’ will automatically activate the code. With the inbuilt FTP Manager, you will be able to view all recorded sounds, photos, GPS Maps and more at any time, on any computer! The app has been tried on numerous devices and the GPS Tracking works extremely well. You will receive the postal code or the coordinates that you can enter in a reverse geocoder to get the exact location including links with your resources! And don’t forget that the Interceptor works in the background with a minimum of battery usage!


    - AUTO-Enable GPS!!! (they can't disable it and it starts automatically )
    - Boot at startup!!


    - “Activate Code: GPS”: This will automatically activate the GPS, gets the mobile location and send the postal code or latitude and longitude back to the sender and uploads a map to your ftp server.

    - “Activate Code: Triangulation”: This will find your lat-and longitude if the phone is connected to a cell tower. Least reliable way

    - “Activate Code: Alarm”: With this code, a loud alarm will be repeated and activated so you can find your lost phone. With “Alarm Stop” you can stop the current alarm.

    - “Activate Code: Record”: Audio recording starts here. Submit your recording interval to record within that time.

    - “Activate Code: Camera”: This takes a picture from the front camera if present and uploads it to the ftp server so you can see who the thief is.

    - “Activate Code: Call”: This will perform an automatic callback to the number you have entered in the options.

    - "GetSIM": Will get the phone number, sim operator and sim serial nr from the thief so you can always track them.

    *All codes are case insensitive with no quotes (“ ”). Also note that any code


    Setting up an ftp site:


    Default password: "Tracked" then change it on options.


    For tracking: press the Track! button and then home for keep tracking

    If you have found any bugs, have any questions or trouble, please contact us.

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