TrackIt Lite - Tracker




    TrackIt is a All-In-One Data tracking application for all Users who wish to track any data along the time line and see the raw recordings in a nice Data Chart.

    + User adjustable/creatable Units to record Data Measure (KG, MG etc..)
    + Record/keep track of any useful items along the Time Line
    + Graphical representation of Recorded Data
    + Multiple Tracking can be combined into single Graphs for comparison

    TrackIt is a very useful tool to record/track anything and view the Data in a Graph-view along with the recorded Time.

    TrackIt can be used by anyone who needs to keep track of something (ex. Body Weight of family members, Price of Different Products combined with Different Brands along the Time line). The Graph view will enable to see the data in more meaningful manner rather than just numbers list.

    Unlike the other (Weight,Height) trackers, TrackIt is build/developed as generic tool to keep track of anything along the time. TrackIt will provide unlimited possibilities by giving more control to user to create underlying Unit Measures (like Kilo Grams, Milli Grams) and their Conversions. Although TrackIt by default provide few Units, with conversions, which can be modified by users.

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