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    TrackMe is a very convenient simple application which let you track yourself, your family members, your employees. Or a group of people can track each other.

    TrackMe is a very secure, accurate and fast group locator App. It uses the latest geolocation technologies.

    With TrackMe you can create group and add your family or friends or employees. With that you:-

    1. Know the location of any of the group member (or all members) from any of the Android device in which it is installed. Location can be seen via phone or webpage

    2. It will function even in areas where this is no GPS signals or internet.

    3. It is also a safety device by which in emergency a user can leave his last location to his group members by just one click.

    4. We care about the security and privacy of people, so we created a functionality so you can use your own server or cloud to store your data. This will even make your tracking records ultra private which cannot be accessed by any other person or even by us.

    • To use TrackMe with your own server please contact us - we will be glad to help you. Note: This is paid service)

    5. TrackMe once installed by admin cannot be stopped or started without verification.

    6. TrackMe can track your data-points to level of minutes, hours and days.

    7. Add a device to your group without sharing your group password. Works well when your group member is remotely located.

    8. Feature to get the current location of all the members in your group.

    Steps to get you started with TrackMe:-

    Suppose Tom is the manager in the company who want to track his company employees.

    • Tom have to install Track Me.

    • Register Group name (which can be company name or department name) as a group by providing relevant details. At the same time you can change server
    to the one that the company has or keep the default one- FOR CHANGING SERVER YOU HAVE TO CONTACT US).

    • Once registered manager can install TrackMe in his/her employees mobile phones or any other android device
    providing the group_id and password(which he/she created during registration time). (Note no need to register in each mobile)

    • After login manager have to start the tracking service in his/her employee devices by setting the required frequency of tracking.(By default it is 5 minutes).

    • No employee can access or change the details until and unless manager gives the group id and password.

    • Now Manager can track the group on the map with there full data points plotted on the private map and there latest points.

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