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    Please note: This app does not allow you to watch TV on your phone. Instead, it uses your location to find nearby over-the-air Digitial TV (DTV) and HDTV signals in the *United States* and assists you choosing an antenna and pointing it in the correct direction. Information provided by the app includes: TV channel signal strengths, compass bearings to signals (direction), distance to signal towers, TV channel numbers, RF channel numbers, elevation, and frequency bands (UHV, Hi-V, Lo-V).

    User location is determined automatically via GPS or the network. Alternatively, a location can be manually entered. DTV/HDTV station data is downloaded from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The app displays nearby TV signal information in three ways:
    1) A scrollable list displaying all nearby TV signals ordered from strongest to weakest.
    2) A compass that displays the stations at their correct heading from the current location.
    3) A map displaying the current location and the location of all nearby TV signals.
    The app can also be used to recommend antennas for your location.

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