UAV Photo Coverage Calculator

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    UAV/RC photo coverage calculator. How high do I need to fly to get the picture I want?

    Our Photo Coverage Calculator is one of those "must-have" utilities that was designed for UAV (or R/C) based aerial photographers who need know the altitude they will be flying at long before the job begins, especially if they're required to file operational information with the local aviation authorities before work can commence.

    This utility gives you the information you need, when you need it. Having this information at your fingertips while you're in negotiations will impress your clients. You'll be able to answer their 'what if' questions on the spot.

    Based on the camera's AoV (Angle of View) information and area to be photographed, UAV-CC will calculate the altitude required to complete the task.

    Ground based photographers can use UAV-CC as well. Let's say you're setting up a shoot to photograph a sporting event and you need to know how far away you have to be in order to capture an image that fills the frame. It's a similar process, as long as you know the AoV of your lens and the height of the subject, then UAV-CC can calculate the distance for you.

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