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    We are working on Ubuntu 12! That's why development is a bit stuck for the moment.
    If you have any problem please write an Email to us!

    [NOTICE 2]
    Ubuntu 12 is cancelled for now as we are having other issues:
    Some of you weren't able to download the image. Please help us to find the issue by contacting support!

    We are not able to reply or identify comments made here so we can not help any of you if you don't contact us.

    Did you ever want to have a fully qualified Linux Desktop environment on your Android Device?
    Here you are!
    Ubuntu kickstart will run a whole LXDE under Ubuntu on top of your android.
    This App does not replace your Android installation! Ubuntu will be ran in CHRoot environment using your android kernel.

    Just a not on Ubuntu Version:
    We might update the ROM to a newer Ubuntu Version depending on release state of ARM-Compatible Packages. I will look into this. Currently we are using >Ubuntu 9<

    System Requirements:
    -Android-VNC-Viewer (App will guide you to installation automatically)
    -5 GB (3GB for small image) of free space, >> 6 GB (4 GB for small image) while installling << on your /sdcard (On Devices with internal storage, that might be mounted to /sdcard)

    I N F O R M A T I O N
    Support for Android devices running Gingerbread(2.3) is experimental.

    If the App does not work as expected and your Return Time is over feel free to contact me with your Bug-Report!
    Include these:
    -Which device do you use
    -Which ROM is installed (including link ans Android version)
    -What did not work
    -If you can attach a Logcat
    We will find a solution.

    NOTE: This App is available in English and German language. However Ubuntu itsel is only preserved in ENGLISH!

    So what is the use of this App?
    You can do many things with your droid. But did you ever try to create or show a presentation? Android Office Apps like QuickOffice or PolarisOffice do not really support animations and can be annoying...
    This is the reason why you can now use for your office work on your Android device!

    Did you ever encounter the problem that any page did not render correctly on your android device? Mainly Web 2.0 Pages?
    Not aproblem anymore! Just use a real desktop FireFox from now on.

    You are a developer and want to edit your work on te go? You can use Eclipse fully functional on your Device noow - just using Ubuntu Kickstart.

    And that is just a small span of usabilities.
    Try it out on your own - NOW!

    Thanks to OpenSourceGangster on Facebook for providing his Ubuntu-Image to us. I use this as a base for our version.
    The Image is available for free. You do only pay for the work in the App itself.
    Note: If you purchase the App you do NOT HAVE TO DOWNLOAD THIS manually.

    @Scott: I personally hate people just rating 1 Star without contacting support. How should we fix your problem without a problem report?

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