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    Ever needed to send a UDP/TCP commands from your Android device to a UDP/TCP enabled device on your WiFi or Cellular network?
    Now you can!

    * UDP incoming and outgoing support
    * TCP incoming and outgoing support
    * Internet DNS support
    * User-defined buttons to store pre-set commands to send
    * Unlimited user defined templates to use for different UDP/TCP clients (templates save IP and Port settings as well)
    * Send commands to multiple IP's and ports at the same time
    * Acting as a server, can get responses back from the network
    * Buttons support colors, if the command that was sent matches the command that was received, button becomes green, otherwise, becomes red
    * Easy to use
    * Simple and clean interface
    * Supports Android 2.2 and up
    * Pre-stored templates to control "Sharp - AQUOS TV" / "NEC - TV's"
    * Buttons can have any color you want!!

    If you have any questions, please visit our forum:
    Like us on facebook:
    Follow us on Twitter: @idodevfoundatio

    If you wish to use our application as a remote control for you windows PC, you can use this great TCP server: -> Download -> TCP-IP-Server (includes a manual in English as well)

    If you would like to create a template on a PC and then load it to my application, you can create a XML file based on this structure, and place it in this path on your device /UDPTCPServer/Templates/
    Sample XML:

    If you want to become a beta tester:

    A quick guide:
    1. Go to Menu->Settings and define the IP / Port / Protocol you wish to send commands to
    2. Go to Menu->Button Config and define what you would want each button to show (as label) and send (as command), notice, you can also long-press on a button to modify it's settings
    3. Click buttons to send commands

    A few notes:
    * Scroll down to see the phone IP and port it is listening on
    * You can change buttons heights (Menu->Settings->Scroll all the way down)
    * You can long press a button to modify it's settings
    * You can change the number of buttons shown on screen
    * You can save a set of labels + commands as a template, to easily change the devices you are controlling (Click the + sign at the ActionBar)
    * You can use some of my pre-stored templates (Menu->Load from pre-stored templates)

    How to use "handle incoming settings" - developed for Phil Green:
    1. Enable the feature in the settings
    2. Set the application to 'listen' on a UDP port
    3. Send a UDP string to the device in this SPECIFIC format:
    You can have as many button as you want within the same string, here is an example of how to use this:
    **B05,,Test Name5,,PEACE,,#ffffff00;**B06,,Test Name6,,123,,#ff0000ff;**B07,,,,456,,#ff00ffff;
    4. Note: the string MUST end with ';'
    5. If you wish to only change the label and not the command or color, simply leave that blank, for example:
    This will set Button 7 command to be "OK" and will not change the color or name (label)

    How to use responses from "handling incoming messages":
    The purpose here is to allow the remote device to confirm that the settings were set properly.
    To use this:
    1. Enable in settings (both the handling of incoming messages and the reply)
    2. Set the correct outgoing settings (IP/Port), of where the application should send the response to
    3. Send a "setting" string
    The protocol is this:
    Possible Status Codes:
    01 - success
    02 - error
    Sample reply string will be:
    Which means, incoming settings were processed without a problem and it took a total of 45ms.

    Please contact me should you have any questions

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    Brian Attinger

    by Brian Attinger

    Jun 26, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    Great tool and perfect for working with microcontrollers, arduino, xbee, etc..


    by bmnnkno

    Jun 02, 2015  |  "Awesome"

    This app is great, highly recommended.