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    UMU Mobile Security is designed to protect your smartphone and the data it carries. The application includes all the features of our tried and tested antitheft, antivirus and antispam applications.

    The antitheft features allow you to lock your mobile and even wipe the data remotely via SMS, to ensure the highest level of protection and mobile security. Developed specifically for smartphones it is simple yet effective, so that even those with little technical knowledge can enable the software if a device has been stolen.
    It can even notify you when the SIM is changed and even provide the current location of the device if it is GPS is enabled, thus providing a means to possibly recover your smartphone as well as offering reliable mobile antitheft protection.

    The antivirus feature provides full protection against viruses, trojans, spyware or other malware. It provides continuous protection without interfering with the normal operation of your handset. It will instantly detect any new malware as soon as it appears on the handset and makes sure it cannot do any damage. It also provides a simple way to manually scan your handset and reminds you to scan newly inserted memory cards giving you confidence in the safety of the data on your smartphone.
    Central to the application is a powerful scanning engine specially designed and optimised for mobile devices. The application is not bound by the legacy programming and detection routines often seen in our competitor’s products. We are proud to offer our state of the art anti virus solution which is fast, effective, thorough and battery friendly.
    Combined with this UMU's dedicated antivirus lab are constantly analysing new threats and producing regular updates providing your smartphone with the best protection possible.

    The antispam feature gives you complete control over which messages you want to accept or deny by providing an easy to use application that will help minimise the spam you receive.
    By using the efficient user interface, you can easily select the best mode to suit your lifestyle.
    You can use a simple Blacklist to stop annoying messages from problem senders, or use the Whitelist to ensure you only receive messages from approved senders including contacts in your address book.
    Alternatively use both lists together to help easily manage problem senders and important contacts by simply adding each senders address to the appropriate list as new messages arrive.

    These three features together provide a powerful defence against spam, theft and other threats to your smartphone, ensuring its protection and your peace of mind.

    Key Features:
    SIM card change locks system preventing unauthorised use
    Alerts up to 3 user defined numbers when SIM card is changed
    Geo-location functionality to locate your smartphone (Cell ID or GPS)
    Lock or wipe your smartphone remotely
    Full protection from mobile viruses, malware, trojans or spyware
    Real time protection from all files received
    Viruses automatically quarantined
    Fast, efficient scanning
    User configurable automatic updates
    Powerful detection engine
    Fast, optimised and secure update process
    On Demand scanning of entire device including memory cards
    Full Scan and detection logging
    Only allows messages from known senders
    Automatic filtering of blocked SMS and MMS* messages
    Filter unwanted messages to spam folder or automatically delete
    Contacts automatically included on Whitelist
    Straightforward setup
    Trusted by thousands of users worldwide
    Simple over-the-air activation
    Small installed package size
    Low memory footprint
    Low battery drain
    Intuitive user interface

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