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    Published: 2013-04-30, by .

    Unblock US enables users to bypass regional restriction of some web services. This is its unofficial app

    • Automatically check status
    • Set Netflix region
    • Notifications
    • Needs more features
    • Payment info cannot be updated from the app

    "Breaking barriers down"

    Watching Netflix, Hulu+, HBO Go or listening to Pandora, Google Music, Rdio (and many other services) is something that depends on where you are located in the world. That's the awful thing of regional restrictions that some companies want to (or must to) implement for a while on its international expansion strategy. However, there's a chance for those potential users who unfortunately are living on black-listed countries: Unblock US.

    Unblock US help users avoid those restrictions and watch, listen to and, in the end, enjoy those services. Keep in mind though that this isn't a free service. Although there's a 7-days trial, after that users must pay a monthly subscription ($4.99) to keep using the service. This app is for those users, it helps them to manage their Unblock US account easily.

    Its strongest point is "check status" feature. Let's explain it: when you change your IP, the service needs to check that you really are the subscriber of the service. Until now, that check-in was manual, that's it, users must input their e-mail and validate it on the web or mobile web. Now, thanks to this app, it checks it automatically when both mobile and the device you are going to run those service are over the same WiFi.

    Besides, "Set Netflix region" is also one of its most interesting features: it allows you to switch between different country Netflix's catalogues. The rest is mostly about preferences: notifications, network settings and a guide on how to set up your DNS to use Unblock US.

    Just missing some features like the chance to update the payment info and adapt it to more streaming services (now is Netflix-based). I guess though the developer is tied in this regard (bear in mind that this isn't the official app but the effort of an indie developer).

    If you are a subscriber, a must-have app.

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Apr 30, 2013


    Using Unblock Us to watch Netflix, listen to Pandora, etc. on your Google TV, Android tablet or phone? This handy little tool automatically reactivates your IP address with every time it changes, and let's you switch to a different content region, all without having to go through the web browser.

    The tool gets out of your way by running as a background service which sleeps until it gets notified about changes in your network connectivity, in which case it will silently contact to register your new IP address. The region switcher allows you to change content you're seeing comfortably from within the app.

    Note that it's possible, though not necessary, to run this app on several Android devices at once. Unblock Us is device agnostic, it only cares about your public IP address, which in a typical home network scenario all devices share.

    Tested on:
    ✓ ASUS Transformer Prime TF201
    ✓ Logitech Revue (Google TV, Android 3.2)
    ✓ Nexus 4
    ✓ HTC One S

    ※ Privacy statement ※
    All you need to supply is the email address you used to register with No password required. YOUR EMAIL IS SENT /ONLY/ TO UNBLOCK-US.COM AND NOWHERE ELSE. I respect your privacy as much as I do mine.

    ※ Important note ※
    This application requires an existing paid subscription to in order to work correctly!

    ※ Terms of use ※
    This is a 3rd party application and as such is not created or maintained by Unblock Us Inc. I provide this app as-is and free of charge without any warranties or liabilities from my end. By installing and using the app you agree to these terms.

    ※ Feedback ※
    Feel free to send me feedback / questions / bug reports. Please make sure all problems you report can be attributed to the actual application. For any service related inquiries, contact @Unblock_Us on Twitter.

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