Native Android binaries of the Unison File Synchronizer - a powerful cross-platform file synchronization tool.

    This app only deploys the Android binaries of Unison, Dropbear SSH and OpenSSH; and displays a quick howto.
    Unison must be used manually from the command line, and root is required.

    (For an Android GUI for Unison, check UnisonSync on GooglePlay.)

    Unison is a powerful cross-platform file synchronization tool available on Linux, OS X, Windows, etc. Unison takes two roots, that can be on different machines and can be modified separately, and brings them up to date by smartly propagating the changes between the roots.

    The key features of Unison are:
    - Synchronization between different platforms
    - Handles simultaneous updates to both roots
    - Smart and safe: Unison resolves most simultaneous changes on both roots automatically, and prompts the user for input if it cannot determine the copy to propagate
    - Synchronization to a server over SSH: any machine with an SSH server and Unison can act as server
    - Resilient: handles interruptions, network disconnections, etc.
    - Bandwidth efficient: the data is transfered by a compressed protocol similar to rsync, and only modified files (or parts of files) are transferred.

    This application comprises binaries of Unison, DropbearSSH and OpenSSH, compiled from the existing open-source repositories (see acknowledgements). Binaries are packaged alongside this application APK, but the application does not actually link against these unmodified apps.
    Therefore this application does not violate the GPL/MIT/BSD licenses.


    - Benjamin Pierce et al.'s Unison File Synchronizer (
    - Keigo Imai's patch to to cross-compile OCaml on Android (
    - Jérôme Vouillon's OPAM Android repository (
    - Matt Johnston's Dropbear SSH client (

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