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    UnisonSync brings the Unison File Synchronizer - a powerful cross-platform file synchronization tool - to Android!

    UnisonSync allows you to use Unison without having to use it from the command line. Root is not required.

    Unison is a powerful cross-platform file synchronization tool available on Linux, OS X, Windows, etc. Unison takes two roots, that can be on different machines and can be modified separately, and brings them up to date by smartly propagating the changes between the roots.

    The key features of Unison are:
    - Synchronization between different platforms
    - Handles simultaneous updates to both roots
    - Smart and safe: Unison resolves most simultaneous changes on both roots automatically, and prompts the user for input if it cannot determine the copy to propagate
    - Synchronization to a server over SSH: any machine with an SSH server and Unison can act as server
    - Resilient: handles interruptions, network disconnections, etc.
    - Bandwidth efficient: the data is transfered by a compressed protocol similar to rsync, and only modified files (or parts of files) are transferred.

    As an Android application, UnisonSync hides all the complexities of using Unison on the command line.
    UnisonSync allows:
    - to generate the public/private keys (using the included OpenSSH) to allow the Android device to connect to the SSH server against which you want .
    - to configure the roots and unison parameters (fully manually configurable as well; one profile or synchronization directory at a time only).
    - to launch the synchronization (which requires a button press! hint to Tasker users). Synchronization then happens in the background as an Android service. Once the synchronization is over or if user input is needed a notification pops up.
    - to browse through Unison's command line output

    - Only for ARM devices

    UnisonSync comprises binaries of Unison and OpenSSH compiled from the existing open-source repositories (see acknowledgements).
    Binaries are packaged alongside UnisonSync's APK, but UnisonSync does not actually link against these unmodified apps.
    Therefore UnisonSync does not violate the GPL license.


    - Benjamin Pierce et al.'s Unison File Synchronizer (
    - Keigo Imai's patch to to cross-compile OCaml on Android (
    - Jérôme Vouillon's OPAM Android repository (
    - Matt Johnston's Dropbear SSH client (

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    Geoff Mather

    by Geoff Mather

    Jan 22, 2017  |  "Poor"

    Stay well clear doesn't run on Android 6.01 on a Nexus7, referencing files that don't exist. The author also doesn't appear to be around either :-(

    Jaijeet Roychowdhury

    by Jaijeet Roychowdhury

    Dec 16, 2016  |  "Poor"

    Even upon first install and setting up everything perfectly, it bombs with a lock file error. Which is impossible to remove on non-rooted devices running android 6. Beyond this, the UI is very basic and limited, as others have noted. To add insult to injury, I was unable to get a second refund because I refunded once and rebought in a short time to try again.

    Wan Mag

    by Wan Mag

    Oct 12, 2016  |  "Poor"

    The opposite of self-explaining.

    Frank Boehm

    by Frank Boehm

    Mar 25, 2016  |  "Good"

    usable, if you already know unison but be careful, the ocaml version used to compile unison on the server has to be the same as on android it's not good enough to have the same unison version my first unison version on my server was compiled with the latest stable unison version 4.x and I got constantly errors they vanished with an ocaml 3.x version used for my unison on server side please de

    Ibn Batuta

    by Ibn Batuta

    Jan 13, 2016  |  "OK"

    UI is way too primitive, functions too limited, no way to preview before syncing and no option to sync local dirs. Nice idea, but you've got a long way to go before arriving where this needs to be.

    Asger Juul Brunshøj

    by Asger Juul Brunshøj

    Nov 22, 2015  |  "Great"

    I have been generally happy with the app. However I updated to Android 6.0 recently and it is no longer working. It throws an error about a locked archive file, which as far as I can tell, does not exist.