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    Unlock your phone screen by doping-down the door handles! Yes, here is a open-a-door phone screen lock or door lock. It can be used to lock your android phone screen. Is it creative?
    Our door lock is more beautiful than common door and when you open lock, it will make an animated effect and make it seems like opening a real door.

    Developing progress:

    At first, we try to develop some sliding lock. But our users tell me it is so common and they need something special. So we decide to create a unlock door lock and to make it more advanced, the animated effect was added in this screen lock too.

    Some people email me and hope us add the time to locking page. When one need to get time info, he/she need not open the lock any more. It is a good idea and we added this function---real time and date shown.

    Third, when I use this phone lock, I can not get battery condition. Now I allow you get the power info on locking page. As a result, you can charge your phone in time. and avoid your phone in a hungry condition for long time.

    At last, our first version lock can not be closed. If one what to change a lock, he/she must be uninstall it. Now we allow you open or close the lock. Once you do not like use it any more just close it.

    How to UNLOCK?
    --- Use your finger to drop-down door handle! Is it easily?

    When you install it to your phone, you should open the app and set it. And then the door lock can take effect.
    --- Open the lock and use it replace former screen lock.
    --- Set if use sound effect and if open vibrate button.

    This unlock tool is the latest version and have more functions than former ones. I hope you can not miss it or you will regret.
    This beautiful door lock has red leaves, wild-goose, catcher background. Install it right now!

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