Unlock Screen (Prison Break)




    Clean up the blood to unlock the screen. This screen locker Unlock Screen (Prison Break) is about prison break theme here. If you break the prison, you can unlock the screen successfully.


    A monster may lock you into a dark house and you should try your best to defeat it and run. There may be some blood of the monster on the window of the door. Try to clean up blood and you can get access to calling, message to ask for help, camera to take evidence, or a key to unlock the door to run.

    ACTUALLY, IT IS ONLY A SCREEN LOCKER APP HERE FOR FUN! You can get a different screen locker from traditional Android sliding screen locker.


    1. Clean up the blood to get access to shortcuts of calling, camera and messages in a quick or just unlock the screen to other applications.

    It will save your time and troublesome.

    2. There are date, time and battery percentage to remind you in daily life.

    You will never be troubled into missing important dates or calls for a sudden of power-off.

    3. You can set sound or vibration according to your situation and habit.


    1. For adults only.

    2. Thanks a lot for your 5-star rate. Any problem, it's better to send feedback to us to get help than low rate!

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