Unlocking Tags




    This is a lock screen app, and you can unlock to some certain programs of your cell phone or tablets by sliding the shortcuts in the lock screen. Unlocking Tags charges for nothing, come on and get yours!

    Unlock screen
    Shortcuts of programs
    Date and time display
    Sound and vibration effects
    Full screen size and show status bar
    Quick unlock
    Easy and simple to use
    For android mobile devices

    Using method introduction
    Open this app and turn on it in the settings, the main interface
    Checkmark to open the functions like ringtone, vibration, full screen and shortcut key and so on
    And then you can use this app to unlock screen by sliding the tags.

    Functions introduction
    Ringtone and vibration
    If you choose to open them, your cell phone will ring and vibrate when you unlock screen successfully.
    Full screen and status bar
    They are two kinds of screen sizes for locked screen. The difference is that you can drag down the notification bar and check detail, but the lock screen seems better when it is in the full screen mode.
    Shortcut key
    It is the quick unlock in this app, open it and you can press the search button to unlock screen without sliding the tags.

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    This app is totally free.
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    Lock screen is a user interface element that used by various operating systems. These lock screens regulate immediate access to a device by requiring that the user perform a certain action in order to receive access: such as entering a password, using a certain button combination, or by performing a certain gesture using a device's touchscreen.
    The programs on the mobile devices often provide more functionality beyond unlocking the phone: such as notifications for emails and text messages, a date and time display, or shortcuts to certain applications.

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