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    You can get user agent string here for free on Android devices. There is full information about IP address here.


    As for web IP, you can get a geographic map of your location and a web IP address. It also supports to answer you what is an IP address.

    As for local IP, you can get local IP address information.

    There is also some relevant IP information waiting for you here, including what is an IP address, Internet speed test, blacklist check and lookup IP address location.

    The IP address lookup tool is designed to give you an idea of where your IP address or the IP address you lookup is located. This tool is not 100% accurate due to many different factors.

    User Agent String displays your user agent string and screen resolution. This is a very basic output of the user agent also referred to as simply UA. Your user agent tells every site you visit what browser you’re using. Sites are able to detect your UA and redirect to a more fitting page for your browser if desired. In other words, if you go to a site with this detection in place from a mobile user via the UA and redirect you to their mobile site if available. This doesn’t work on all sites because not all sites have UA detection in place. We have it built in to WIMI. Com. We detects most mobile phones and redirects them to our mobile page however, if you go to from a desktop computer, you’ll get redirected to the is my IP homepage. UAs also tell the sites you are visiting some browser related software which you may have installed.

    Having the knowledge from above, user agent spoofing is used by many programmers that don’t want people to know how they are getting to the sites. Some programmers will find legitimate UAs and program their script to use such UAs. UAs can be blank, or contain custom information like a url to a site that might promote a particular browser or script.

    Screen resolution is just for gee whiz info. This is the size of your desktop and not your browser window.

    This Lookup IP Address Location tool is designed to provide additional information about the entered IP address.

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