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    uVivotekCam enables you to remotely monitor live video feed with an incredibly intuitive touch screen user interface for VIVOTEK network camera. The app is a universal app which works on your Android phone and tablet ? Only requires one time purchase.

    ▶ Direct access to video streams from IP cameras, No NVR or 3rd party server is required
    ▶ Pan and Tilt controls (Max 8 directions)
    ▶ Pinch to digitally zoom for any part of the display screen that the user desires
    ▶ Unlimited number of cameras can be configured
    ▶ Automatically capture images by in-app motion/face detection
    ▶ Auto sequence monitoring for automatic cameras switching
    ▶ Optical zooming option if the user's camera has the optics lens and is capable
    ▶ Switch IR-LED illumination for night vision on/off
    ▶ Presets control up to 8 spots if applicable
    ▶ Auto patrol to preset positions according to the preset number and time interval
    ▶ Control an automated vertical/horizontal patrol if applicable
    ▶ Enable or disable Upside down, Mirror, Invert Pan Tilt
    ▶ Adjust video resolution
    ▶ Effortlessly navigate cameras with the variety of portrait and landscape modes
    ▶ For smooth and easy access to many featured functions, you can swiftly navigate through the control panels underneath the camera feed.
    ▶ Passcode Lock the app
    ▶ Enable or disable Screen Timeout
    ▶ Quickly and easily add new models with reload button
    ▶ Exchange setup file between the devices via SD card

    * MULTI-VIEW - Tap the Store button and see demo video (In-app Billing)
    ▶ Easily view multiple feeds simultaneously on a screen with layout controls (2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9 views)
    ▶ Last layout they were at automatically saved (initial layout is 4)
    ▶ Swipe back and forth between multiple cameras screens

    ★ SUPPORT CAMERA – Refer to
    - 3xxx: PT3112, PT3124
    - 6xxx: PZ6114, PZ6124
    - 7xxx: PZ7111, PZ7152, FD7141, SD7151, IP7330, IP7361, IP7133, MD7560
    - 8xxx: FD8134, FD8162, FD8332, FD8361, FE8171, IP8362, PZ811/21, SD8321E, VS8102
    - 8xxx v2: FB8136, FE8172, IP8332
    - FD8134 v2: FD8134
    - FD8161: FD8161
    - IP7131: IP7131
    - IP7330: IP7330
    - PT7135, 7137: PT7135, PT7137
    - VS7100: VS7100
    - VS8102: VS8102
    - Encoder Video 1 ~ 4: VS2403
    - Encoder Quad: VS2403

    ★ NOTE
    - Not every feature will work with every model and audio quality can differ between models
    - Before you can control your camera(s) remotely over 3G/4G/Edge/other Wi-Fi networks, you need to setup your router to allow incoming traffic. You should read your camera’s setup manual regarding port forwarding. For more information, please see or
    - The response time of PTZ control and multiple camera views depend on the network and/or your device itself and/or camera capability which may cause a little bit of delay in feedback
    - Continuously simultaneous activating detection of both motion and audio may cause increased video frame rates and audio delays

    ★ Need help? Tap the Help button to contact us.

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