Uwb Trigger




    Never forget to take your bag when leaving, be notified when your pet is in the vicinity or is too far ! Trigger will automatically alert you when something is moving near you.

    Important: this application is designed to work in conjunction with the BeSpoon location technology. It will therefore operate only on UWB enabled devices, such as the SpoonPhone. More infos on

    Trigger can track one more objects and react when their distance is below or above a threshold. The app will execute custom actions such as play a sound, display a message or start an application. Each event and action is fully configurable through an easy to use interface.

    Trigger evaluate conditions using the following custom criteria:
    - tag attached, detached,
    - tag distance is below or above a specified threshold,
    - tag distance is between a specified range.

    In response, Trigger can execute these actions:
    - play a sound,
    - display a message briefly,
    - vibrate,
    - display an alarm screen,
    - launch another app.

    As many rule as needed can be configured to track your items. Trigger run in the background to ensure you will not miss an event !