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    Value Converter BASIC is simple, intuitive and easy to use. Features fast unit conversions in a clean interface.
    Value Converter BASIC is very easy to use due to its user friendly interface.

    Value converter is functional in both LANDSCAPE and PORTRAIT mode.

    No cluttered screens, no more confusing usage, just plain and simple but yet very helpful and of great use.
    It converts units from one form to various other including some frequently required conversions for day to day use.

    Just select a required Converter, input your value, select the required unit and DONE!!
    You have the input value converted into various different units. It works in offline mode and converts values as you type.

    The feature list for Value Converter BASIC includes following conversions -

    Length Converter:
    Supported units: m, cm, km, mm, feet, inches, miles, yards
    Example: 1 m = 100 cm = 0.001 km and so on

    Weight Converter:
    Supported units: mg, gm, kg, tones, pounds, ounces, grains
    Example: 1000 mg = 1 gm = 0.001 kg and so on

    Temperature Converter:
    Supported units: Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin
    Example: 1 Celsius = 33.8 Fahrenheit = 274.15 Kelvin

    Speed-O-Mile Converter:
    Supported units: cm/ second, m/ second, km/ second, m/ hour, km/ hour, miles/ hour
    Example: 10 km/ hr = 10000 m/ hr = 6.2 miles/ hr

    Area Converter:
    Supported units:, Sq.meter, Acre, Sq.feet, Hectares, Sq.inch, Sq.mile, Sq.yards
    Example: 10 sq.feet = 2.29 Acre = 3.58 sq.mile

    Height Converter:
    Supported units: cm, meter, Feet-inch
    Example: 180 cm = 1.8 m = 5 feet 10 inch

    NOTE: Also checkout our Value Converter PRO - features included:

    a. Basic conversions
    b. Health - Body Mass Index, Ideal Body Weight
    c. Financial - Sale, EMI calculator
    d. EDU converter - Area, perimeter, volume, surface area (with mathematical figures)
    e. Gold - gram, carat conversion
    f. Cooking - Dry and wet conversion

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