IMPORTANT: If you enabled PhotoVault’s Hidden Mode feature. You dialed your security code but PhotoVault won’t start. To resolve this, please follow these steps to fix this problem:

    - Go to your phone settings, find app manager. Look for, uninstall that (don’t worry, you won’t lose your private files)
    - Also from app manager, look for VaultLauncher and uninstall that as well.
    - Reboot your device
    - Reinstall Vault Launcher
    - Reinstall PhotoVault
    - Run Vault Launcher app once
    - Run PhotoVault. Create password (it’s okay to use the same one before), and during settings, enable Hidden Mode again and verify your security code is correct.
    - Restart device again.

    After this, PhotoVault icon should be removed and use your device to call your security code to verify it works.


    This is the companion app for PhotoVault, MediaVault and VideoVault. With this app, these three apps can enable the Hidden Mode and VaultLauncher will help to start them through a phone call (calling the security code).

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