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    Versatile Measure+LED Lighting

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    All-purpose measurement app which is equipped with distance measurement, ruler, level, noise meter, barometer, speed meter and a protractor came up in android market.
    In addition, this app has a function of lighting or blinking.

    distance measurement
    By doing so take the foot of the object(ground) you want to measure using the camera, the distance can be measured correctly.
    Such usage…
    -> In case of putt golf, to measure the distance to the pin. (meter and yards are also displayed together)

    The memory of inch and cm is displayed on the screen.
    Such usage…
    -> In case of math lessons, to measure the length. (not recommended during testing!)

    level meter
    You can measure thoroughly whether the floor is flat or tilted.
    Such usage…
    -> If you can not read correctly the lightweight cup because the kitchen is inclined, you can measure whether the kitchen is horizontal or not.

    speed meter
    speed of movement of the iPhone will be shown per hour.
    Such usage…
    -> A pace of walking

    You can measure all degree from 0 to 360.
    It is 0 degree in the horizontal, and it is 90 degree in the vertical.
    Such usage…
    -> (Please check stealing the eyes of clerk) to measure the inclination of the pachinko machine.

    LED Light
    LED light of the relief in during disaster!
    Such usage…
    -> During taking a picture, you can effect up whitening of face by lighting on from little far.

    noise meter
    You can measure in decibels the size of the sound.
    Such usage…
    -->Measure the loud noise level of the man voice.

    Pressure around the android is displayed as hPa.
    Such usage…
    -->Check the atm and altitude during climbing.(There is also a display of altitude conversion from atm)

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