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    Replace your android lock screen with a gesture based unlock screen!

    This app lets you replace your stock lock screen with a customizable gesture unlock screen with many different features and options! I'm also willing to add new features upon request. Contact me if you have any questions

    - keep your Moto X or other phone locked and still use Motorola touchless controls!
    - change gesture sensitivity
    - set lockscreen transparent (very clean lockscreen)
    - set lockscreen background to any image, draw your gesture based on an image if you want (like the Windows 8 unlock)
    - show/hide gesture trace
    - change gesture trace color
    - show/hide status bar
    - enable remote lock/unlock via SMS
    - leave phone unlocked for certain apps (useful for quick access during certain apps, use to lock device into one app)

    To do:
    - custom app locker
    - if you want something else email me at

    To use:
    Record the gesture you want to use
    Test the gesture out and set a sensitivity (1.0 is default and good for most gestures)
    If your device has more than one launcher, make sure you select which launcher you use
    Set Gesture Unlock as your default when you press the home button
    Enter your gesture and enjoy!

    If for some reason the phone cannot recognize your gestures, you can remote unlock it by texting @unlock and this is enabled by default. Go to the 'Remote Administration' settings to change this.

    If you want another feature, send me an email at and I'll work it in (eventually).

    - Touchless controls for Motorola devices can now work when the screen is off
    - Move to internal storage
    - Added enable/disable option
    - Added get started guide to setup the app
    - Added ability to change trace color for gesture
    - Added support for devices without telephony hardware
    - Added beta features: touchless controls
    - Added keep device unlocked for apps
    - Added SMS remote lock and unlock
    - Made KitKat background check easier to use
    - Added lock after call option
    - Initial release
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