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    This plugin developed for the Droid Driver allows you to send e-mail using your voice to create the message and the search for a specific contact in your phone book.

    How to use:

    • Press the "Speech" button on the main module Driver Droid

    • Wait for the beep before AUTHORIZATION voice command

    • Say the command "mail love" (where "love" is the name of the contact who sent the e-mail)

    • Wait until the request for release "Message Subject "

    • Say the message subject

    • Wait until the request for release "text message "

    • Say the message text

    • Select / confirm the message of the options available

    • Press the menu button on the phone

    • Press the "Ivia E-mail" to confirm sending e-mail

    Minimum requirements:

    • Driver 1.0 droid

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