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    "Voice Input Plus" is a character input by speech recognition, to reduce the hassle of character input.
    Registration, that can be changed, make the input support by such boilerplate.
    Also, the translation of between corresponding language support.

    Functions and Features
    You can string input in the speech recognition in the corresponding language. Speech recognition results, because the candidate list is displayed, select it. Display the number of the candidate list of the recognition result can be set. In addition, it's also possible to do that continuously perform the speech recognition.
    it is possible to perform the translation between the corresponding language.
    Since it is possible to work with the installed application (the app that supports such as mail and SNS can be selected), it is possible to pass a previously entered string to the corresponding app.
    Because it can be copied to the clipboard, you can also cooperation with any app.
    registration, Uri cooperation can be changed (search in the search engine, Wikipedia search, such as map display) supports.
    registration, can be input completion in the boilerplate that can be modified.
    save to input history, you can call. Using this input history, it is also possible to use a note instead of by voice input.
    disabled people of the ear (hearing impaired persons, deaf, hard of hearing, deafened, etc.), etc. communicate with the available (instead of written communication, be done communicated by the character display by voice input Is possible).
    has become a mushroom corresponding app, so you can call from the corresponding app.
    Added a function to display additional character string selection window by long press when displaying voice input result (you can add a line break etc.).

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