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    Voice Warner can tell you who are calling you or who send you a SMS. This will be very convenient before you answer the call or SMS. When you are driving a car, suddenly, your mobile phone gets a call. You don’t know who are calling you so you worry that maybe one important person is calling you, you answer the call and it is dangerous when you drive a car.

    If your mobile phone can tell you who are calling you, you will know whether that call is important or not, so you can decide to answer it immediately or after a while.

    Voice Warner is the one you need.

    1. It is a small and simple app so that after you install it, you only can find it in the widget. You touch it and then an icon will appear on your mobile phone screen.

    2. You may notice that there is a smaller icon in the top of the screen.

    3. Touching the icon on screen can turn on or turn off this app. When it is turned on, its color is fresh, when it is turned off, its color is grey.

    4. If you torn on this app, you will be reminded when you get a call or SMS; if the app is turned off, you will not be told who are calling you.

    5. Voice Warner is a small and convenient app. With it in your mobile phone, you will make a good preparation before you answer a call.

    6. If you would like to support this voice app, please give it five stars. If you have any good advice or you have more needs, please let me know.

    Voice Warner is very useful in your daily life. Knowing who are calling you before you see your mobile phone can give you more time to prepare to answer.

    Voice Warner will be a good assistant to you in your daily life.

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