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    VolumeManager is an application volume settings to adjust the volume of the six management, such as ring volume.
    Vibration other silent, so you can save three custom settings, you can set the volume to suit the scene.

    Language:Japanese, English, Korean(English and Korean is machine translation)

    Main function:

    *Volume set of five patterns

    *Selection of ring tones
    Icon in the "notification volume" and "ring volume" volume setting on the screen is turned to the button. The screen for changing the ringtone will be displayed when you tap here.

    Press the volume key unexpectedly and terminal body, prevents the mode is changed.

    *Volume lock
    In addition to the mode lock, you also lock the volume. Back to the original volume to force any change in volume in the key of other applications and terminal body. It is also possible so you can select the volume you want to be locked, only the volume media but you do not want to lock, for example.

    *Keep the volume for music
    If you leave ON the "KEEP", you can remember the previous volume level even if you change the volume with the other key applications and terminal body.

    *Keep the volume for calls
    If you leave ON the "KEEP", Return to the original voice call volume when you have finished even if you change the volume during a call.

    *Step-up tone
    When there is an incoming call, you can go up little by little the ring volume. Return to the original volume and the end of the incoming call.

    *Scheduling features
    To change the mode automatically when you set the time you want to change the mode in advance. You can create a schedule easy to understand by the time chart display.
    The free version can be registered up to five. Pro version can be registered up to 20.
    Incidentally, in the Pro version can also schedule is ON / OFF power to the Wifi and Bluetooth. SD card can store up to three to schedule profile you just created.

    Be placed on the home screen, you can check the volume and mode, respectively.
    You can assign separate functions to the top and bottom halves of the widget.

    *Displayed in the status bar
    Can be identified by color and symbol of the current state of the icon.

    *Color setting
    You can change the color of the widget and the seek bar.
    The free version of the widget background design three species, the Pro version has prepared seven species.
    The color of the bar, please place the volume of the widget to select when you place the widget. You can change the color of volume bar after deployment is not possible.

    *Headset mode ,Bluetooth mode
    And when you change Plug the headphones, the volume and the mode is set automatically when you connect devices and Bluetooth.
    Application to function correctly in all of music playback (but is not necessarily possible. PowerAMP famous case of, for example AutoPlay side PowerAMP also be music playback automatically launch the app any application, such as playing music also -better to use there will be stable because there is stop function)
    You can choose to mute the volume, etc. When any Bluetooth headphones or has been disconnected, to operate.
    Cancel the mute is done by tapping or "Change Mode" of the widget to launch this app.
    (If you use a Bluetooth mode, please select the device is already paired to tap the orange frame on the screen and Bluetooth mode. Please finish the pairing in advance)

    Widget will not be able to use SD card when you move to this app.
    Lock will not work because the lock mode and volume of the functionality of the widget, and not place the widget.
    By application for a terminal or alarm may have its own alarm volume control, you may set this app is not reflected.
    Please check your terminal settings, so there is a sound ring tones and alerts will work together.
    Check on the actual behavior is engaged only in GALAXY S2.

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