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    This app is a must for every Android smartphone user.

    The only personalized Universal Search app that searches on the phone and the network. Along with finding things on your phone, it also displays prioritized Internet results directly from sites such as Fandango, Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and for local business listings, maps, and places of interest.

    For things on the phone, find contacts, apps, music, utilities and other essential things on your Android phone quickly and easily with vtap Quick Search. Just start typing what you want or need and watch how fast vtap Quick Search figures out what you’re looking for.
    • Want to set an alarm? Just type ‘alarm’, and the clock application will open.
    • Don’t have the right app on your phone? vtap Quick Search will point you to the app you need on Google Play or other app stores.
    • Want to quickly turn on Bluetooth? Just type ‘Bluet….’, and the Bluetooth utility on your phone will open.
    • Want to find the number for Joe the Plumber in your phone book? Just type ‘plum….’, and Joe’s number pops up.
    • Need to find a coffee shop? Just type ‘coffee’ and the app will provide prioritized results for nearby coffee shops, learning from your past activities whether you prefer Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Peets, or local mom and pop coffee shops.

    There is no need to navigate through your device menus or open applications to get the information you need.

    vtap Quick Search is eager to be your friend – it learns what you do and when you do it, as you use your phone. It will improve how it assists you every time you use it.

    Over time, the vtap Quick Search dashboard becomes the home screen of whatever is most important to you – your most frequently used contacts, apps or settings. vtap Quick Search gets it after the first few times you search for it on Quick Search and places the destination on your vtap Quick Search dashboard. If you stop using it for some time, Quick Search removes it or moves it down so important things can take its place on the vtap Quick Search dashboard.

    Features of vtap Quick Search Include:
    Predictive Search -- vtap Quick Search provides “search as you type” functionality for fast results using predictive search.

    Universal Search – vtap Quick Search is a learning application that presents unified search results for on-device content, Android app stores, maps, local business listings, and Fandango, Wikipedia and Wiktionary, with others being added regularly for user-based usage patterns, bringing the most important results to the front, including:
    • Contacts – Most frequently used contacts are displayed based on the spatio-temporal activity patterns of the user.
    • Apps – Most frequently used apps are displayed automatically in the application home screen.
    • Media – Media such as audio, video, and pictures stored on the device are automatically organized and prioritized for search results based on past activity.
    • Search History – Intelligent caching of past search result selections enables quick access even when the network is disconnected.
    • Device Settings and Utilities- Device settings and utilities are easily found and accessed with top level search results, regardless of device menu hierarchy. Frequently used settings are automatically added to the home screen.
    • Movies – Search for movie titles to provide results from popular movie review and listing sites, such as Fandango.
    • Maps and Places of Interest – Context aware and personalized search of business listings information and places of interest results.
    • Wikipedia and Wiktionary – Information from Wikipedia and Wiktionary is also presented as part of the universal search results within the vtap Quick Search application itself, bringing the features of Veveo’s popular Wikitap application into vtap Quick Search

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