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    *Needs ROOT for Xposed Framework*

    Tired of seeing wakelocks destroying your phone battery right in front of you? Here is Wakelock Terminator to 'terminate' all the unnecessary wakelocks.

    Wakelock Terminator spoofs wakelocks when an app needs one. If you don't know much about how apps run in the background by acquiring wakelock, here's a simple explanation and how WLT handles it. When an app requires to run in the background, it can schedule a call using alarms and request to acquire CPU time so that the phone is awake while the app does it's background task.

    WLT uses Xposed Framework and spoofs a temporary timeout wakelock or prevents an app from getting the wakelock. This mechanics is completely depended on the WLT. This way, the app never/partially reaches the wakelock acquire method and reduces the load on your phone battery.

    WLT also has a filter so that only those wakelocks are prevented that bother you and your phone. So this ways, you can let 'Auto-sync' wakelocks to work where else disable the other ones. Most auto-syncs have *sync* as the starting tag name. You can filter them out if need be.

    To make the WLT work, you need to have the Xposed Framework installed. You can download the dependent application inside the app or you can download it manually from here:

    The free version lets you prevent one application from acquiring wakelock. This is so that you can try it out and buy the premium version using in-app purchase, if it is up-to your expectations. You can try to enable WLT for any app, as long as there is one app that is preventing wakelocks. You can buy the app to get rid of this nag.

    You can always reach us at anytime for any queries or bug reports. Have a look at this video to help you get started: The video demonstrates Wakelock Terminator working in combination with Wakelock Detector (

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