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Wall Concrete Design Pro

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    This application solves in a powerful, quick and easy way the calculation of concrete walls of containment lands. It has a wide capacity of results, resolving unbraced and braced walls or basement of one or two levels. The simplicity of this application is based on the fact that introducing only:
    - wall height.
    - Bearing capacity or soil stress.
    - Quality or tensile strength of the steel used.
    - (Only for basement walls) wall head cargo.
    We obtain the result of both geometric (wall and footing dimensions) of the foundation as all the positions and amounts of steel to build the wall.
    This application has been created to be an aid of the different people involved in the development of a particular construction. For its extreme simplicity, this application, can be handled by anyone with a basic knowledge of construction, but we recommend that it should only be used by people with enough technical calculation knowledge to know how to interpret the results.
    To simplify the calculation further, we have taken a number of default values that meet most of the cases we usually find.
    In the basement walls we have introduced a headwall load to simulate the loads transmitted by buildings above the upper bound of the wall. It has been considered in the calculation of a height equivalent to a floor structure load of 5 meter span and a total load of 8KN/m2.
    It has been considered in the not braced a retaining walls high thermal variation, for otherwise we can reduce the horizontal soffit steel frame (face exposed to the sun) to 20%.
    Rebar lead have been introduced.
    Not hydrostatic thrust in the backfill of the wall has been considered.

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