WatchDroid Pro

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    Find your lost or stolen phone!
    All in one protection highly configurable!

    This application offer all in one protection without monthly fees.

    Many commands are available, you just have to send them to your phone by SMS.

    For example:
    * Get your phone position (by network or GPS)
    * Retrieve current SIM information (useful when someone put another SIM card in your phone)
    * Share your position to friend
    * SIM substitute protection
    * Make it ringing even if the ringer is off
    * Wipe data
    * Lock your device

    Many settings are available for each command:
    - set minimun accuracy for GPS position in order to prevent too much battery usage when using this command
    - activate automatically GPS (Read notes bellow)
    - hide received SMS with command
    - received last position when battery is low
    - uninstallation protection
    - application reset protection
    - and many, many others...

    Application develop in order to limit battery to minimum!

    (There are no monthly fees)

    You can try lite version if you want to check application before purchase

    PLEASE CONTACT US BY EMAIL FOR ANY ISSUE, we are not able to help you if you only write a comment...

    Russian translation by Andrei Ulasevich
    Italian translation by Michael Lepori

    Notes: If application download failed please check emails from Google market support. They contact you if something is wrong with your credit card check. Purchase and download process are the responsibility of them.

    * Notice!: Due to GOsms specific processing on sms notification, WatchDroid is not fully compatible with GOsms.
    Also Watchdroid sms hiding feature doesn't works with other sms third party application like Handcent. s.

    * Notice2: Default automatic GPS activation could failed on few Samsung device. If you have such device AND if your device is ROOTED you can used libloc Please check FAQ for how to installed it

    Check FAQ for uninstallation

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