.Watch was reborn as sports watch using GPS sensor.Equipped with five operating modes (normal, walking, running, cycling, climbing mode), you can choose according to the application.Normal mode can be used as a stopwatch as before.The other modes can be used as a sports watch that displays in real time the measured value(Time, Distance, Speed, Altitude, Calorie consumption). In addition, by setting options, possible to use as a speedometer (max999.9km / h). In this application there is a free version and a paid version, the free version contains ads.

    *Please refer to the application help for more information.
    *Application Help is displayed when you click the application name in the title area.

    2.1-Main Screen
    [1]Title area
    (a)Title name
    (c)GPS icon

    [2]Menu area

    [3]Measurements area
    (b)Lap list
    (c)Real time speed(km/h)
    (d)Total moving distance(km)
    (e)Average moving speed(km/h)
    (f)Current altitude(m)
    (g)Total calorie consumption(kcal)

    2.2-Setting Screen


    Notification interval.







    3-How to use
    *Please refer to the application help for more information.

    [1]Clock accuracy
    The time includes the error due to the use environment and hardware performance, OS performance.

    [2]GPS accuracy
    Each measured value is calculated from the latitude, longitude and Altitude received from GPS. The GPS received data includes the error due to the use environment and hardware performance, OS performance.

    [3]Calculation error
    In order to calculate the distance between two points, if there are many such corners, moving distance may increase errors.In addition, the altitude values ??are presented the values ??obtained from the GPS, geoid height is not been considered.

    [4]Calories accuracy
    Calorie value has been calculated by the METs. Please be a guide when you exercise.

    [5]Power consumption
    Power consumption is higher in the following order(Relationship reception interval GPS):Normal(not used GPS) - Climbing - Walking - Running - Cycling Mode. Also, speedmeter mode and auto lap mode, power consumption increases because the GPS receiver interval is half. Also, please note that in when you select the "always on" in the screen control, so power consumption increases.

    [6]Precautions for use
    The act of the smartphone operating during exercise is very dangerous.When check screen and operation, please stop.

    5-Supported OS
    [1]Over Android 2.1(Eclair)

    6-Tested devices
    [1]Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 SO-01B ( OS version2.1-update1 )
    [2]Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray SO-03C ( OS version2.3.4 )
    [3]SAMSUNG( Google ) GALAXY NEXUS ( OS version4.1.1 )

    In this application, which includes advertising module of mediba Corporation. Your user information will be used in advertising in a way that does not personally identifiable.

    The user information will include the following.
    -history information(click history / browse ads in this application)
    -Terminal identification Information(Android ID)

    In addition, customers can refuse to deliver ads that are based on these information even after the download of this application. For more information, please refer to privacy policy( ).

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